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    It’s that time…Back to School

    It’s that time, folks. Time for the kiddos to head back to school!! Our schools are starting a little earlier this year, which I am very happy about. The kids area also happy that will get out a few days earlier this year as well. I asked my son if he was ready to go back to school and, to my amazement, he is READY! I think he just misses his friends to be honest. But, I think he (secretly) craves that routine and I know I do too. Our first day back is next Thursday and we completed, most of, the back to school shopping last night. I have…

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    Travel Essentials for your Carry On Bag

    Spring Break is around the corner and we will be on our way to warmer places. I can’t wait to go, neither can the kids. Below are some of the items that are always in my carry on bag. From keeping germs at bay to staying comfy, warm, and hydrated on the flight, these items are great ideas to add to your travel essentials checklist. Happy Travels!   SAVVY Travelers GET AWAY KIT -Travel Essential Designer Beauty Wipes. Everything a traveler needs to stay fresh and look fabulous in a ready-to-go pack. What You Get: 1 x Klever reusable transparent bag, 2 x Klean Upz 2 x Lift Offz 2…

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    Tuesday Taco Night

    I don’t know about you but I love Tuesday Taco night!! It’s quick, easy, and it’s a dinner that everyone in the family will eat. It doesn’t have to be a calorie laden guilt fest with refried beans or sodium filled spice packets. Try this tasty, yet healthy version of my turkey tacos filled with fresh veggies and warm spices to add loads of fiesta flavor. For the turkey mixture: •1.5 pounds of organic ground turkey •1 tsp coconut or olive oil •1 tsp of chili powder •1 tsp of cumin •3 garlic cloves, minced •1/2 white onion, chopped •1/2 tsp salt • Freshly ground pepper to taste For the…

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    Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery to your Front Door – Free Trial

    So, who likes grocery shopping with 2 kids after an 8 hour day at work? Anyone like standing in long lines after their already too long commute home? Any moms out there like having to deal with tantrums in the store with the little ones?   I didn’t think so.   But, I have a great solution for you…Amazon Fresh!  Get unlimited groceries to your door for $14.99/month. Wanna try it before committing? Sign up for the free trail and see how you like it.  Personally, I just don’t have time to grocery shop but I want my family to have a healthy meal. This service will be a momlifesaver for me. Can’t…

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    LEGOLAND Florida Resort

    Our trip to LEGOLAND Florida was like finding a diamond in the rough. I love this place and my son does too. Growing up, trips to Orlando meant Disney and Universal because we never ventured farther down 1-4 than WDW. But I highly suggest that you do and you will discover this gem of a park located about 30 min outside of Orlando in Winter Haven, FL. The park is reasonably priced, very clean, and colorful, embodying those Scandinavian qualities that I happen to love. You’ll be happy to know that you won’t be standing in line for hours for  rides or for food.  This park caters to families with small children ages 2-12. I…

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    Mary Poppins Returns- Trailer

    “Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin” ~ Bert (Mary Poppins). I just cannot wait for this movie!  Mary Poppins IS my favorite Disney movie and has been since I  was a child.  The orginal masterpiece, which earned 13 Academy Award nominations, will be hard to top but I’m sure Disney will add their bit of magic to this version and it will sparkle just like the original.  Mary Poppins Returns is set in Depression-era London where a now grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with his three children, have endured a personal loss. The always mysterious, yet charming Mary Poppins returns to help…

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    Orange Chicken Pasta Salad

    Do your kids like pasta? Do your kids like fruit? How about fruit and pasta together? Combine refreshing fruits with pasta, chicken, and fresh veggies for a healthy, single serving salad that moms and kids will love. Today I’ve made this delicious and very easy Orange Chicken Pasta Salad for not only my lunch but my kids lunches as well. This recipe calls for grapes and oranges but you can substitute apples for the grapes and, as I have done this time around, substituted celery for spinach. It’s an easy, versatile salad to make but the key ingredient is the oranges which are both in the salad and in the…

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    Herbs and Spices

    The process by which we digest food is very complex. It requires the coordination of many organs in our body to effectively break down and absorb nutrients from the food that we eat. There are a variety of factors including stress, an unhealthy diet, and alcohol, that can affect our dietary system and prevent it from operating properly. If the digestive process loses its efficiency, malnutrition and toxin build up may occur. Signs of poor digestion include bloating, gas, diarrhea, and indigestion. It is also very imporatant to note that what we eat directly affects our brains. Headaches, moodiness, sleepiness, and lack of concertration can also be affected by poor…

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    A Wrinkle in Time – Opening March 9th

    Opening in theaters March 9, A Wrinkle in Time begins with the story of Meg Murry, a high school girl plagued by the mystery of her father’s (Mr. Murry) disappearance while on a mission. Meg and her brother, Charles, an intellectually gifted boy, are introduced to 3 celestial beings, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit. Meg, Charles, and Meg’s classmate, Calvin, embark on a trip across the universe to find and save her father. The only way to reach her father and travel this way is by way of tesseracts, the wrinkle’s in time. The 3 friends are in for an ominous journey as the universe is threatened by an…

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