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Pralines and Pixie Dust

Welcome to my blog, Pralines and Pixie Dust. I have to admit, there are a lot of really awesome blogs out there from fashion to food and everything in between. When I thought about creating this blog it came from a place of wanting to share what I know, my experiences, and my thoughts and ideas about the things that I enjoy. As for me, I have spent a lot of my career in healthcare which has resulted in me becoming a certified health coach. I am also a former Disney cast member which allowed me to gain invaluable insight into learning about the company as well as enjoying those parks for free. (I’ve got a lot of good advice for you here.) My most important job, however, is that of mom. I’m a mom to 2 boys who provide the sunshine in my days. Hope you enjoy!


Praline: a Southern tradition; made with sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter, and pecan halves. It’s a confection with a history as rich as its flavor. The praline’s origins may date back as far as the early 17th century. The original pralines combined almonds, not pecans, and a caramelized coating. This candy in both France and neighboring Belgium often featured cocoa and ground nuts instead of the halved nut. The pralines of today’s south may have arrived in New Orleans with the French Ursuline nuns. These nuns were tasked with teaching the young girls in their charge the domestic arts, which included cooking and how to make confections like the praline. As these girls married and moved throughout Louisiana and the rest of the south, the praline became a popular regional treat.

Pixie dust: A substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings success or luck. It originated in the 1950’s from J. M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” which, when sprinkled on the characters, allowed them to fly.