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    Who’s Ready for Some Football?

    For any Southerner reading this, or any football fan for that matter, you know what starts this weekend….(drumroll please)… College Football! YAY!   This is a big deal in our house. I grew up where college football was almost a religion and all activities centered around kickoff time on Saturday.  We look forward to this time of year as we cheer on our two teams: LSU (my alma mater) and Clemson (my fiancé’s team). Thank goodness these two teams don’t play each other this year as there might be some fightin’ words thrown about (all in good fun). But, in a few years they do and I will deal with that scenario when it happens. Go…

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    It’s that time…Back to School

    It’s that time, folks. Time for the kiddos to head back to school!! Our schools are starting a little earlier this year, which I am very happy about. The kids area also happy that will get out a few days earlier this year as well. I asked my son if he was ready to go back to school and, to my amazement, he is READY! I think he just misses his friends to be honest. But, I think he (secretly) craves that routine and I know I do too. Our first day back is next Thursday and we completed, most of, the back to school shopping last night. I have…

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    Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog, Pralines and Pixie Dust. I have to admit, there are a lot of really awesome blogs out there from fashion to food and everything in between. When I thought about creating this blog it came from a place of wanting to share what I know, my experiences, and my thoughts and ideas about the things that I enjoy. As for me, I have spent a lot of my career in healthcare which has resulted in me becoming a certified health coach. I am also a former Disney cast member which allowed me to gain invaluable insight into learning about the company as well as the parks.…