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    Farro Bowl with Greens, Asparagus, and Zucchini

    As a health coach, I am always trying to find new and exciting ways to incorporate veggies and greens in to my diet. Now I will admit, I haven’t been as adventurous in trying new grains like farro. However, this recipe was recommended to me and now I am recommending it to you. This dish is light yet packs a punch with the a ton of flavor. Don’t skip adding the walnuts, lemon zest, and parmesan cheese as these 2 ingredients fully complete this gorgeous dish.  Ingredients: 1.5 cups farro 3 cups of veggie stock 1 bunch of asparagus 2 zucchini 3 garlic cloves 1 yellow onion 1 lemon 1/2…

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    Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery to your Front Door – Free Trial

    So, who likes grocery shopping with 2 kids after an 8 hour day at work? Anyone like standing in long lines after their already too long commute home? Any moms out there like having to deal with tantrums in the store with the little ones?   I didn’t think so.   But, I have a great solution for you…Amazon Fresh!  Get unlimited groceries to your door for $14.99/month. Wanna try it before committing? Sign up for the free trail and see how you like it.  Personally, I just don’t have time to grocery shop but I want my family to have a healthy meal. This service will be a momlifesaver for me. Can’t…

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    Herbs and Spices

    The process by which we digest food is very complex. It requires the coordination of many organs in our body to effectively break down and absorb nutrients from the food that we eat. There are a variety of factors including stress, an unhealthy diet, and alcohol, that can affect our dietary system and prevent it from operating properly. If the digestive process loses its efficiency, malnutrition and toxin build up may occur. Signs of poor digestion include bloating, gas, diarrhea, and indigestion. It is also very imporatant to note that what we eat directly affects our brains. Headaches, moodiness, sleepiness, and lack of concertration can also be affected by poor…

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    Cold Sesame Noodle Salad

      Try out this Cold Sesame Noodle Salad recipe for a tasty lunch idea. It’s quick, healthy, and easily transportable. It’s a great idea for picnics or if you are bringing your lunch to work the next day. Tip: Make the noodles ahead of time and let them soak in the dressing. Add the sesame seeds, cilantro, and scallions at the end. Ingredients: 8 oz of whole wheat spaghetti 5 Tbs or peanut butter OR sunflower butter 3 Tbs of rice wine vinegar 3 Tbs of soy sauce 1/4 cup of chopped scallions, plus more for garnish 1/4 cup of chopped cucumber lengthwise (to create strips) 2 carrots chopped lengthwise…

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