Hi and Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This blog is dedicated to women who, no matter what age or role they play, want to make their lives beautiful and adventurous.  As women, we tend to put ourselves last a lot of times especially when there are kids, husbands, and jobs that are requesting our time and energy. It’s easy to become depleted and exhausted.

The mission of Pralines and Pixie Dust is to spread a little magic into your day and remind you to never stop dreaming, never stop learning, and never stop exploring.  We need to take care of ourselves and be a role model for our children and pursue our goals, even if they change over time.  We need to stop and smell the roses on a daily basis and enjoy the simple pleasures in life while planning for the big adventures. We need to seek quality over quantity and buy the expensive bottle of wine on occasion. We need to have fun and not worry so much about what others think.   We need to make happiness our priority so that we can show up for our family and friends with a smile on our face and something interesting to discuss. We need to be comfortable in our own skin and stop pretending to be someone else. We are all unique and need to begin celebrating our own, wonderful life.

About me: Mom to 2 boys, 1 dog, and 1 cat. Part time employee.  Autism Advocate (my oldest). Fiance. Dreamer.  Always wanting to learn something new.

Likes: Traveling anywhere. Reading anything. Playing tennis. Chocolate (any and all). Wine (usually white or rose). Cheese (manchego, brie, and cheddar are my favorite). Shoes.  Animals. The Beach. Sailboats. Yoga. Cooking. Gardening. Candles. Getting dressed up to go someplace fancy. White twinkle lights on the back deck.  Good coffee in the morning. Herbal tea before bed. Kind people. Long walks in the morning. Jazz music.  A good movie. Gelato. Learning a new language.

You’ll find me: Browsing through the book store. On the tennis court. Watching travel shows and planning my next trip. Always trying some new beauty product. Taking my kids to school, sports practice, and to Disney. Flipping through a variety of cookbooks planning our next meal. On my yoga mat or at the gym. Ordering too many clothes online. Watching Food Network, Discovery, PBS, Netflix, Prime, or HGTV. Listening to jazz, podcasts, and music from my childhood.